Start Developing Effective Strategies for Chronic Illness with Steven Horne

with Steven Horne

Learn how to work with a person to identify the root causes of their health problems and develop effective natural healing strategies for them with Steven Horne in this three-part webinar

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Business Coaching with Steven Horne

Steven-Coaching.jpgSteven is also available on a limited basis to provide personalized business and success coaching. He can offer advice on how to set up, develop, operate and market a business in the field of herbalism, natural healing or nutritional supplements. He can also assist with product formulation or the development of third-party educational materials for your business. 

Fees are $300 per hour. A $75 deposit (25%) is required when scheduling the consult or you can pay the entire fee up front. Steven's calendar is shown below. Dates he is available are in bold.


You can also purchase a package of five one-hour consulting sessions for $1,000. Click here to purchase this package.

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