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Herbal Training Programs

studentThe School of Modern Herbal Medicine offers very practical instruction in herbalism and herbal medicine. Our programs provide high quality instruction at affordable prices and come with our money-back guarantee.

You can read about the features that make our school unique on the About our School page. Most of our courses are online, so you can study them at your home or office and move at your own pace.

Here are the programs we offer. They are no longer available on this website. The links take you to our shopping cart at

Free Training Herbal Medicine

herbal-section.gifThere are numerous free webinars and articles on herbal medicine that you can find on this website. We also have free videos about herbal medicine on our Herbal Education YouTube channel. You can learn some of the fundamental concepts we teach as well as get an idea of Steven's teaching style by watching some of these free programs.

Family Herbalist Certification

FHC-Logo.gifThe Family Herbalist Certification (FHC) consists of three courses that teach a person everything they need to know to take care of basic health problems. The program will provide you with knowledge on how to use herbs, nutritional supplements, diet, lifestyle changes and other natural healing modalites to solve common health problems such as injuries, pain, acute illness and many chronic illnesses. You will learn how to select and apply remedies using a simple system of Activate, Building, Cleanse and Direct Aid (ABC+D), as well as how to prepare your own herbal remedies. This program is perfect if you want to use remedies with yourself and your family and friends.

Certified Herbal Consultant

CHC-image.jpgOur Certified Herbal Consultant (CHC) includes the courses in the Family Herbalist Certification, but adds four more classes that expand your knowledge of herbs and health assessment. In this program you gain an  understanding of the twelve basic categories of herbs and become acquainted with several hundred herbal remedies, as well as all the major properties of herbs. You are also introduced to a variety of health assesmment tools, including constitutional typing, muscle response testing, basic iridology, tongue and pulse assessment, physical assessment, case history taking and even some blood chemistry analysis. Finally, you are able to review case studies directly with Steven Horne to hone your assessment skills.

This is a very practical course that can help you build a practice as an herbalist. You'll start being able to apply the material from the first lesson.

The Herbal Hour at

TheHerbalHour.jpgThe Herbiverse member program offered a monthly webinar called The Herbal Hour, with Steven Horne and Thomas Easley, which provided training on some aspect of herbal medicine and natural healing. As a member you not only get to access to the archives of these (and the other monthly webinars—over 200 in total), which cover most major health problems in great detail. You get two new webinars each month training you in natural medicine and holistic healing. There is also an extensive online database covering almost 500 health problems and linking these problems with about 2,000 herbal formulas, hundreds of single herbs and nutritional supplements and much more. At $19.95 per month, this is probably the most cost-effective way out there to build your skills as an herbalist and natural healer.

Additional Classes

herbal-education-web.jpgWe also have other classes on herbal medicine, nutrition and other topics that are not part of our certification programs. Click on the link to see what we offer.




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