Field Guides and Botanical References

botany books.jpgIn our collection of book related to herbalism and botany, we find that most books with good herbal information are not good references for botanical identification.  Most guides that are useful tools for botanical identification are not always the best references for how to use the plants. The following books are helpful for plant identification and herbal information. Some are better botanical references, others are better references to edible and medicinal uses.



Weeds of the West

Weeds of the Westby the Western Society of Weed Science (Whitson, Burrill, Dewey, Cudney, Nelson, Lee, Parker) This is one of my favorite field guides because it covers plants that don’t have showy flowers and are considered noxious weeds.  It is ...

Medicinal Plants of the World

Medicinal Plants of the Worldby Ben-Erik van Wyk and Michael Wink A beautiful book and the latest edition to my collection, Medicinal Plants of the World is a hardcover book with beautiful color photos of over 320 medicinal plants found throughout...