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Handouts and recording links for 2018 Online Emotional Healing Course

This is a page I created so people who are having trouble registering with our online learning center can get the handouts and access the recordings for our free 2018 Online Emotional Healing Training Program. 

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Swine Flu? Not Me!

You can't turn on the news without hearing about the possible swine flu epidemic. I am getting phone calls and e-mails from people asking what they should do to protect their family. So, I wrote this article to tell you what we are doing at our home. We are simply taking the same steps we would to avoid any type of an illness or outbreak.

Here Piggy, Piggy: Thoughts About the Swine Flu

You'd have to be an Ostrich not to know about the hubbub going around about the Swine Flu. I hope by the end of this article to offer a better prospective than the media seem to be presenting.

Whose Afraid of the Big Bad...Whatever?

Forgive me for being cynical, but do you ever get the feeling that the news media is out to keep everybody in a constant state of fear?  Yes, it's true that we could have an epidemic of the flu or some other contagious disease.  It's also true that disasters can strike at any time.  But if we're prepared with the right supplies and the right attitude, there's no reason to be afraid.