12 Categories of Herbs Webinar

When I first started learning about herbs, I was looking up diseases in Back to Eden and reading what remedies Jethro Kloss recommended. I simply couldn't understand how one herb could be used to treat so many health problems, which all seemed so unrelated to me at the time.

Eventually, I learned that herbs don't correlate very well with diseases in the first place. What they do correlate well with is tissue condition. Those seemingly unrelated conditions were all related because they involved the same condition of the tissues in different parts of the body.

When I learned this, the light bulb went on in my brain and I started to really understand what herbs were for and how to use them effectively. At first,I only learned four categories of remedies, based on the Western four elements, but eventually through listening to other herbalists like David Winston and Matthew Wood, I came to understand that there were 12 basic categories of herbs.

In this free webinar, we go through each of these twelve categories of herbs. I explain the identifying characteristics of each category, the basic constituents found in each and the basic effect each category of herbs has on the tissues of the body. When I do this presentation live, I have people taste plants in each category, something I highly recommend you do after attending this webinar. Your senses will teach you things you'll never learn in books.

Click here to download the handouts for this webinar (2 slides per page, full color)

Click here to download the handouts for this webinar (3 slides per page, room for notes, black and white)

Click here to download the handouts for this webinar (6 slides per page)

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